Open Letter to the Government of Germany

We respectfully ask the government of the Federal Republic of Germany to sponsor peace dialogues under the leadership of experienced mediation experts.
Psychologists trained in the philosophy of Buber and Gandhi have successfully mediated between Israeli and Palestinian conflict parties in the past. In the face of the desperate situation we are now encountering, we consider the transfer of local mediation efforts to a higher political level worth trying.


 Open Letter to the government of Germany with a petition to invite to dialogues


 Dear Chancellor Merkel, dear Foreign Minister Steinmeier,


“Our despair is our demise” writes the Israeli author David Grossman. “The Middle East is on the verge of exploding. Anyone who still believes in peace must have hope – yet hope is precisely what is lacking” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, July 7). We connect David Grossman’s wakeup call to the Israeli government to an appeal for help to the German government. We are followers of the Jewish faith or Jewish by birth. We have different opinions regarding the source of the escalation of violence. But we all agree  that the Federal Republic – either as part of a common European initiative or in an independent effort – could help eliminate the source of fire. No other country which is politically in the position to undertake this effort enjoys as much trust in the region as the Federal Republic. Some of us, supported by seventy peace groups, appealed to you two years ago with a request to invite the conflicting parties to dialogues in Germany. These dialogues should be led by professional mediators, experienced in conflict mediation.


The  signatories again address you with this urgent request.


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